5 things to feel good about yourself. 

Lets face it,we all have seen those days when we feel bad about ourselves because of other people or maybe because of the stereotyping society ,In india skin colour is a parameter to judge beauty and English for your intelligence.so here are 5 things about you that will make you feel good about yourself.

1. You can’t judge creativity,every art is creative and beautiful in its own way,only right eyes are required to see it,similarly you are a peice of”Art” you are just not meant to be judged.if someone finds you ugly then they aren’t seeing you right. ❤️you are beautiful in your own way. 

2.someday you are gonna ditch or get ditched but hey you are put in this situation because even god thought you are strong enough to face it . Trust me you are strong.

3.Your life is someone’s wish secretly,this is true. You might not know this but your life is amazing according to some .

4.There are people who hate you but hello people don’t get jealous of losers right ? 😉 

5. You have the kindest heart because you were hurt someday but you never hurt the same way to anybody else because you know the pain . You are a great person be happy and confident about your self. 💋